What we do.

Producers, our professional teams offer you a real knowledge of the market, rich of many years of experience in selling and marketing, we make the full steps to sale your products on the french market.

We perform cases of feasability, price and sourcing for the markets we aim; especially we present your products directly to the full french sector you ask us to focus on. It can be on small, medium and large surfaces (like Auchan, Leclerc, System U, Casino...) as well as local shops on the entire territory. We have our own methods of distribution, that is what makes us stronger than the others.

"We have our own methods of distribution, that is what makes us stronger than the others."

Taking appointments with the best resellers, getting orders, tracking shipments, taking care of our customers, and even anticipate the future development of your brand on the market is what we do everyday.

Our already existing points of sales, our business contacts, our customer files.. all these allow us to give you the best results you can hope for, within realistic but reasonable deadlines.

GLBB is constantly improving itself and offering the most effective services to optimize its customer results.